Cynthia's story began around her grandmother's kitchen table, making fresh pasta for Sunday dinner. Handmade pastas and carefully prepared sauces were complimented with delectable desserts created from seasonal fresh fruits.  It was there she developed a passion for creating meals that celebrated the seasons and events of the year. 

Winding her way into restaurant kitchens during her travels in this country and abroad, Cynthia developed an authentic chef's understanding of flavor pairings and techniques.

A blending of her fine art study at the San Francisco Art Institute and her passion, nurturing through her cooking, can be seen in the color and texture pairings of her masterpiece dishes today.  As her career unfolded she moved to New York City to open a restaurant with friends and evenutally made her way to the East End of Long Island where she has flourished as a premier caterer in The Hamptons.

She continues to expand her vision of creative, fresh dishes that celebrate the fruits of the sea and the East End's magnificent sustainable farmlands.